Start Serving


Start Serving

At Sonrise, we focus on an individual approach to ministry rather than an institutional approach. An institutional approach is when we center everything around the church and people are simply seen as resources. Most churches work this way. They make up a large list of jobs that need to be done, then they go find enough people to fill the jobs–whether they match or not. They operate on the principle of fitting people into the slots that have to be filled and they end up pressuring people into serving. 

Instead, we focus ministry around people and each person’s uniqueness. We will not force a square peg into a round hole, nor will we build a structure that requires filling slots to accomplish what we want to do. We passionately believe in two things, 1) You were saved to serve, and 2) Your ministry is determined by your God-given makeup. With that in mind, we want to focus on helping you discover your ministry S.H.A.P.E. so that you can serve in a significant and unique way here on the earth.


Weekend Serve Team

Weekend Serve Team

Sonrise Weekend Serve Teams include our Parking, Safety, Connect, Café and Prayer teams. These teams comprise our “First-Touch” ministry to create a welcoming, loving and safe environment for our guests and attenders to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Studies show that first-time guests will decide about a church body long before the message is given. This makes the Weekend Serve teams a vital part of how people experience Sonrise.

Parking Team

Our welcome begins in the parking lot! This ministry sets the tone for everyone that drives onto our parking lot. Welcome guests and attenders to Sonrise as you safely direct them to an available parking space. The greatest asset you can bring to the team is to be a lover of people.

Safety Team

Help us provide a safe and secure place for people to hear a life-changing message. As a safety team member, you are the first responder to any incidents that occur on the weekends. While this position requires you to be a first responder to any medical or other emergency, it is important to be a person that loves people.

Connect Team

Share a smile and shake a hand with all the guests that walk through our doors on the weekends. Help welcome new guests, prepare communion, take offering and answer questions for all Sonrise attenders. The most important quality to possess for this position is to be a lover of people.

Common Grounds Café

Assist in the brewing of coffee on weekends or serving our specialty treats. A portion of the proceeds from the Common Grounds Café sponsor children through World Vision and Africa New Life. You don't need to be a barista or have any coffee experience. We will help teach you the basics along the way. Come join us as we serve people with coffee!

Prayer and Response Team

Every weekend service at Sonrise is an opportunity for someone to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior or share a prayer need. Do you have a heart to pray with someone who is ready to receive Jesus or simply pray for specific needs? Come join the Prayer and Response Team! We provide training to enable you to serve in this important ministry.

“To make intercession for others is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them” - John Calvin


Sonrise Worship

Sonrise Worship

We have the privilege each week to help lead our church in response to what God is already doing in our world, in our community and in our own lives. God calls a few of us to be a part of that response by taking up instruments, Technology, and our voices to join in the soundtrack of His kingdom. This ministry isn’t just about the music, or the tech, it’s about bringing glory to God and becoming true worshippers who are calling others to join in response to Him.

“Surely that which occupies the total time and energies of heaven must be a fitting pattern for earth.” -Paul. E. Billheimer


We are always looking for more people to play instruments on stage. If you play keys, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, violin, or other instruments, we would love to talk to you!


Maybe you are more of a computers kind of person. We have a team of volunteers who manage the slides and videos that appear on-screen during our gatherings.


If you have a voice and know how to sing parts, harmonies, or even lead, we need vocalists on stage every weekend with the band.


Nothing happens on stage without the support of our sound techs. We need people with a passion to run our sound board, manage the equipment, and make sound happen.


We are currently looking to add someone to focus on the lighting and transitions during our weekend services. This person would help develop and run lighting on the weekends.


Maybe you love to sing, but the weekend platform is not really your thing, that’s ok. We have a choir! Come join many voices and help us build our choir.


Sonrise Kids

Sonrise Kids

If you JOIN OUR SONRISE KIDS VOLUNTEER CREW you’ll bless our Kids & Families and in return YOU will be blessed TOO! Below are some brief descriptions of positions to give you an idea of how you can serve. If something feels like a fit, or you have questions or suggestions we encourage you to email our Director, Jennifer King.

Classroom Teams

Nursery Crew – Caregivers for our youngest who will see the face of God in the love and care you provide (no diapers!)

Teacher – You’ll be trained to share Bible lessons, testimony, manage classroom flow and model discipleship & worship.

Assistant – As its name implies, you will assist kids with their focus, assist teachers with the lesson flow and activities

Support Teams

Welcome Crew – You’ll spend the start of each service greeting kids and assisting families through check in & registration

Prep & Admin Teams – Assist in preparation of Curriculum and extra creative activities, ready the classrooms for Sundays

Craft Team: You will use your gifts and spend time getting crafts ready for the classroom. You may brainstorm holiday take-away items that affirm the gospel


Core Leadership - as key commitments and/or skills are observed, teachers and other leaders are welcomed to represent as leaders for training, curriculum development and other enhancements to rooms or teams’ processes. You will be known as a significant help to our Teachers and Directors

PIC – Person In Charge: Trusted long-term Sonrise family members who like to manage, you may prefer to lead outside classroom settings. As PIC - you’ll welcome families/crew, manage the class needs, security & safety for all - act as an assistant to our Directors


Sonrise Youth

Sonrise Youth

Our Youth Ministry exists to create an environment that embraces every young person, for who they are, not who they should be. Each person was created with a purpose. As we help them discover their purpose, we want to help ignite the dreams God has given them. Our desire is to push against the culture of conformity, and raise of up dreamers, changers and lovers.

Ultimately, we want to expose our youth to the power of the Gospel. As the Spirit works in their lives and gives them a burning passion for God, we want to send them on mission for Jesus.


MS & HS Leaders

Join us for our weekly gatherings, where you build relationship with our youth. You will serve and lead in many different ways.

AV & Tech

We are in the process of developing our worship and tech team at the youth level. You will be running sound and slides at our weekly gatherings.

Support Staff

There are a lot of behind the scenes tasks that need to be done help youth group run effectively. You would serve with setup, cleanup, and more.


There is a lot of food consumed within our youth group, as we serve snacks every week. You will purchase or make a snack for our weekly gatherings.


Our priority is safety during our weekly gatherings. You will assist in the safety of our youth.




Childcare Provider Coordinator

We need someone to build and keep a list of childcare providers, for our group leaders to access for childcare for their groups, on-site and offsite. As well as coordinate childcare workers for our Thursday "Life Recovery Groups" About 1 to 5 hours a week or less, text calls etc.... And coordinate childcare coverage for Small Group Training events, Leadership Conference events, As well as Connect, Grow, Serve Lead Classes. 

Group Coordinator

Help to serve before and after services. To help assist people in finding groups that work for them. Helping to show them how to use and access the computers here on-site or at home, how to set their search criteria to help, limit and minimize, the groups that show up. To help them pick just the right one for them. How to reach out and contact group leader’s first preference by phone, or by email. Give them postcards of any groups that our curriculum or topic-driven that we have available. You can help with just one service or at a couple of services your choice. Time frames are About 20 minutes before service & 20 minutes after the services let out. 

Saturday night 6 pm service. 

Sunday morning 9 a.m. service 

Sunday morning 11 a.m. service 

Host Home

Interested in being a part of a group, have a great space for it and the gift of Hospitality, yet don’t care to lead. Then this is for you. 

Facilitate a Small Group 

Have a heart to lead, or facilitate a group. Training provided, you do not need to be a bible expert, just a heart to grow and learn, let your curriculum teach and you can just walk alongside other church members as you all grow and come into community with each other. 

Discipleship Pathway Class / Set-Up

Set up & Cleanup for our Connect, Grow, Serve, Lead, Classes. Approximately a 4 1/2 hour commitment. Class dates varies. Once a month serve at one or all. Class time 9 to 11 on Sat Mornings 8:30 am Light Breakfast served You will set up tables, chair, and light decor for groups from 20 to 50 people Prepare coffee and light Breakfast and tear down after the event.

Life Recovery Night Set Up & Greeter 

Come in and make coffee put out snacks, for our TH night Life Recovery Group meetings. We have anywhere from 5 to 13 groups going on TH nights. Greet and help direct people to the room their group is meeting in, set out parking entry signs, Open classroom doors etc...5:15 to 8 pm approximately 2 1/2 to 3-hour commitment.