Join a Small Group today!

The world is a big place where it’s easy to get lost. Attending a weekend gathering is just the first step in belonging to a community. Join one of our small groups and discover how easy it is to shrink the world down to something more friendly and personal.

Community Groups:

Community groups are groups of people that meet together for years possibly. They usually meet during the school year and take the summer off having maybe a barbecue or outdoor lake day a few times throughout the summer. That same group of people have the opportunity to get back together again that next year. Community groups pick their curriculum depending on what the group wants to study. They may choose a series that other topical groups are studying such as”Starting Point” or “Boundaries”. However, once they finish that curriculum they would just pick the next curriculum that they want to study and dive into that study together. Every fall Community groups are open for new people to plug into. In our system, a community group is always co-ed otherwise it is considered a Gender-Specific Group (See below). Some Community groups are titled by Common age or interest Example: Widows Group (women), Young Couples Group, Young Adult Group, 50+ Group.

Gender Specific Groups:

If a group is gender-specific it will be listed as either a Women's group or a Men's group. Some of our gender-specific groups are topical (fixed duration) and some run more like community groups (open ended), staying together year after year.

Woman's and Men’s community are listed by the leader's name. Topical groups will be listed by topic. Example: Men’s Group / Cook, Women’s Group Gleason / Sharp, 33 Men’s Fraternity.

Topical Groups:

Topical groups focus on a specific topic and the group length depends on the length of the curriculum Example: ‘Starting Point” is an 8-week curriculum, “Boundaries” is a 9-week topical group. We have groups around parenting, marriage, etc. Some topical groups are co-ed others are gender-specific. With topical groups the topic dictates the group length, and when the curriculum comes to an end that group of people no longer meet.

Special Interest / Social Groups:

Some of our groups are special interest or social groups. A great example is our singles group. They get together and do outings, events or serve projects once a month. Interest/Social groups do not dig into a curriculum or the Bible per se, but instead provide an opportunity for us to share community with other Christians and are also a great way to invite in Non-Christians. In the past we've had mom's playgroups, crafting groups, Sonrise Singles (25-55), Our exercise classes, Boxing, 4 Core, Photography etc…