Ways To Serve At Sonrise

Connect Team

Come serve on the weekends with our Connect Team. Share a smile and shake a hand with all the guests that walk through our doors on the weekends. Help welcome new guests, prepare communion, and answer questions for all Sonrise attenders. If you are interested or have any questions, please stop by the Connect Center on the weekend or contact us at serve@isonrise.com.

Parking Team

Our welcome begins in the parking lot! Welcome guests and attenders to Sonrise as you direct them to an available parking space. If you have any questions, please email serve@isonrise.com.

Café Team

Assist in the brewing of coffee on weekends or serving our specialty treats. You can even use your barista skills to make espressos. Common Grounds Cafe has adopted several children from around the world. Proceeds from Common Grounds go to these children. If you have any questions, please contact us at serve@isonrise.com.

Safety Team

Help us provide a safe and secure place for people to hear a life-changing message. As a safety team member, you are the first responder to any incidents that occur on the weekends. If you are interested in keeping our campus safe, please fill our serve form or email us at serve@isonrise.com.

Worship Team

Do you have a passion to see others worship God? If you play an instrument or sing, come and tryout for the worship team! We also have opportunities to assist with AV and technical side of the worship performance. To find out more, contact worship@isonrise.com.

Kids’ Ministry

Love kids? Come and empower the young children of Sonrise Church. You can make a huge impact by serving 1-2 times a month during our weekend services! If you have any questions, please contact jackd@isonrise.com.

Youth Ministry

Do you believe in the next generation? Want to make a difference in their lives? Come and serve on Wednesday nights! You will have the opportunity to equip, empower and build relationships with the younger generation. Visit our youth page for more information or email us at youth@isonrise.com.

Additional Ways to Serve at Sonrise

Office Team: Answer the phone and greet guests in the Sonrise Office. If you have any questions or would like to serve in this capacity, please contact office@isonrise.com.

Landscape Team: We want to be great stewards of the land that God has given us. Help us maintain the grounds at Sonrise Hillsboro. To find out more, please contact brentm@isonrise.com.

Events Team: We host many events, as we want our building to be full of people each day of the week. Help us prepare and setup rooms for the various events. For more information, contact Brent MacLeod at brentm@isonrise.com.

Light My Way Dinner Team: Show God’s love by filling the stomachs as well as the hearts of those who have been involved in the justice system. Come and serve Sunday afternoons once per month. Contact Betty Martinez at LMWcommittee@isonrise.com. (ages 18+ only)